MASK Brand’s design studio launched its first product line ZOOM CAMO in 2019. The varied color palettes in these designs compliment the surprise, hidden objects in the camo. With our ever-growing catalog of designs, we feel we can fairly boast: “We reinvented camo!”

MaskBrand is an e-commerce company that prints their copyrighted art on products. Our goods are made to order. When you order a product it is digitally printed to fabric, then cut out, sewn, and shipped. Because of this "made to order" construct, goods may take a little longer to get to our customers, depending on manufacture location. 

Today we see camouflage in fashion everywhere, while military camo and hunting camo have evolved away from their original amorphous shapes to create discreet subcategories of their own.

This left the original abstract motif free to flourish in the fashion/apparel industries in low fashion and high fashion alike. It can be found at both big box stores and designer boutiques. My observation is that camo is now more dominant in the marketplace than plaid.

How did we reinvent camo?

A random walk in the summer of 2015 sparked a conversation about the camo motif, it’s blob-like shapes, its popularity and ubiquitous presence in fashion.

As if to affirm my theory, a guy was walking towards us, and he was wearing camo. I turned to my wife and said, “What if the black blobs on his shirt were not blobs but silhouettes of animals instead?” We stopped and looked at each other. Maybe this was worth investigating.

Considerable research led us to digital direct-to-garment printers who helped realize our vision with their ability to overall-print our art to fabric. We believe these designs with their “hiding in plain sight” animals, and people in action, connect with our customers. They may even spark conversations about shared interests. Enjoy the camo that connects with you.

Find yourself in ZOOM CAMO— Look closer.

We encourage your comments and feedback.

Barry Wells & Teresa Rad

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